Video Series: White Against the Petroff

Video Series: White Against the Petroff‎

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This is a quick guide to a video series. This series shows a few different ideas that white can use to play against the Petroff, including the under-investigated Cochrane Gambit. Clearly it would not be a bad idea for a black player of the Petroff to also be familiar with these ideas. Most of the videos are best for 1400-2200 players.

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Play Against the Petroff? - Looks at two recent games by top GMs showing playable lines for white in the mainline Petroff.

Play Against the Petroff? 2 - Shows one more masterful recent Petroff game in the mainline.

Conquering Cochrane Concepts - An introduction to the Cochrane Gambit's underlying idea.

Conquering Cochrane Concepts 2 - Several examples illustrating the ideas behind the Cochrane.

Conquering Cochrane Concepts 3 - Summary of all the various ideas IM Pruess learned when playing through all the master-level Cochrane games in his database. Also includes a presentation of his own first Cochrane Gambit game.

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