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I’m Still Passionate About Squares's Thumbnail

I’m Still Passionate About Squares

IM Silman Jun 29, 2017

In my first "Passionate About Squares" article I demonstrated how important it is to create weak squares in the enemy camp (often referred to as “holes”). In many cases putting one’s pieces (knights in particular) on these hol...

Advance to Ventnor III's Thumbnail

Advance to Ventnor III

batgirl Jun 29, 2017

1943 The 1943 tournament was held from July 5th - July 11      Anthony Santasiere and Pfc. George Shainswift shared the $50 first prize award.  Santasiere, who espoused Romanticism, played defensi...

The Lonely Bishop Checkmate's Thumbnail

The Lonely Bishop Checkmate

GM Gserper Jun 25, 2017

In my recent article, "The Lonely Knight Checkmate," I discussed a very uncommon situation where a checkmate is delivered by a knight and the winner has no other pieces on the board besides pawns. Such situations are indeed so rare that all t...

I’m Passionate About Squares's Thumbnail

I’m Passionate About Squares

IM Silman Jun 22, 2017

Many chess players have a limited understanding of the game. They think it’s all about mating the enemy king. They think it’s all about tactics and attack. They think it’s about creating threats. Of course, all these things are i...

The Lonely Knight Checkmate's Thumbnail

The Lonely Knight Checkmate

GM Gserper Jun 18, 2017

After my very first lesson at the chess club of the Pioneer Palace, our coach gave us a simple checkmate-in-three-moves puzzle. Immediately our most advanced players started shouting that it is an absolutely impossible task. Some 40 years later ...

The Fun Of Pros And Cons (Again)'s Thumbnail

The Fun Of Pros And Cons (Again)

NM danheisman Jun 15, 2017

Many years ago I wrote a Novice Nook column, "The Fun of Pros and Cons." This column was directed at the many players who play way too fast in long time-control games. The column and its sequel "Chess is Decisions" have proven very helpful as refe...

Advance to Ventnor II's Thumbnail

Advance to Ventnor II

batgirl Jun 14, 2017

1941 The 1941 Ventnor City Invitational took place on the Municipal Pier from July 5-13.      Of those initially invited, Jack Collins, Harry Morris and Olaf Uvestad couldn't accept and were replace...

Mamedyarov's Secret For Classic, Modern Chess's Thumbnail

Mamedyarov's Secret For Classic, Modern Chess

GM Gserper Jun 14, 2017

When I read the recent news that the Azerbaijani GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov crossed the magic 2800 mark, I wasn't surprised. Well, actually I was surprised that it didn't happen many years ago. You see, while it is difficult for me to tell wh...

America's Got Talent: 8 Kids Crowned National Champions's Thumbnail

America's Got Talent: 8 Kids Crowned National Champions

IM dpruess Jun 12, 2017

From June 2-4, 42 of the most talented chess kids in the U.S. competed in the ChessKid Online National Invitational Championship (CONIC), held for the sixth consecutive year on Chess.com. The purpose of this event is to allow the young talents the...

The Day They Killed Magnus Carlsen's Dream's Thumbnail

The Day They Killed Magnus Carlsen's Dream

KajaMSnare Jun 11, 2017

The clock now shows 12:18 am where I am sitting in Oslo. 19 minutes past a devastating day. I just got home from a very eventful day at work, and my initial plan was to pour a glass of wine and finish off the second article in this column. It la...

More Of Bisguier's Greatest Hits's Thumbnail

More Of Bisguier's Greatest Hits

IM Silman Jun 9, 2017

Grandmaster Arthur Bisguier was born in 1929 and he died in April 2017. The purpose of this two-part series is to let you enjoy the attacking genius of one of America’s most talented players (you can find part one here). My goal is to put ...

Celebrity Chess: Hutch vs Urschel's Thumbnail

Celebrity Chess: Hutch vs Urschel

pete Jun 7, 2017

UPDATE: The event has been moved to Wednesday, July 5 at 3 p.m. Pacific (6 p.m. Eastern.) The fast-growing world of eSports streaming meets professional football as the popular Twitch streamer "Hutch" will face the Baltimore Ravens guard John...

Follow Hikaru Nakamura's Advice's Thumbnail

Follow Hikaru Nakamura's Advice

GM Gserper Jun 4, 2017

As the saying goes, a talented person is talented in everything. Therefore I wasn't really surprised when I saw Hikaru Nakamura's tweet about making a killing in the stock market. $LULU with the big miss as my puts go deep into the mone...

PRO Chess League Qualifier Official Rules's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Qualifier Official Rules

PROChessLeague Jun 1, 2017

Below you will find the official rules of the PRO Chess League's Annual Qualifier tournament: Fair Play and Observation: Teams must choose a trusted and impartial arbiter to be present for the qualifier. This arbiter must be approved by Leag...

Bisguier's Greatest Hits's Thumbnail

Bisguier's Greatest Hits

IM Silman Jun 1, 2017

Though I played the late, great grandmaster Arthur Bisguier in Canada a long time ago (he beat me), I didn’t really know the man. Photo courtesy US Chess. However, knowing a man is one thing, but knowing his chess is quite another! Thoug...

Advance to Ventnor I's Thumbnail

Advance to Ventnor I

batgirl May 31, 2017

Introduction      Ventnor City is a charming resort community on New Jersey's Absecon Island, snuggled between Margate City and the more famous Atlantic City.  In the Spring of 1939  Richard W. Wayne...

Should You Gamble In Chess?'s Thumbnail

Should You Gamble In Chess?

GM Gserper May 28, 2017

Many chess tournaments have taken place in casinos, and many famous grandmasters have left the lion's share of their prizes at the playing tables. I personally know a guy who won a good prize in the Knock-Out World Chess Championship in Las Vega...

The Amazing Argentinian Chess Tragedy's Thumbnail

The Amazing Argentinian Chess Tragedy

IM Silman May 26, 2017

The Gothenburg Interzonal (Sweden) in 1955 was a 21-player round robin that was held from August 15 to September 21. The top group was the Soviet players (in no particular order): David Bronstein, Efim Geller, Paul Keres, Tigran Petrosian, Bori...

How To Watch So vs Giri Today: Speed Chess Champs's Thumbnail

How To Watch So vs Giri Today: Speed Chess Champs

pete May 25, 2017

The top chess player in the United States will be in action today on Chess.com as Wesley So battles the Dutch number-one Anish Giri in the first round of the 2017 Speed Chess Championship, the strongest tournament ever held online. Cou...

More Lessons From Master Games's Thumbnail

More Lessons From Master Games

GM Gserper May 21, 2017

Last time, we started to analyze the old game Charousek-Alapin and learned a useful trick that can be used in variety of openings. As a rule, you can learn more than just one idea from a game played by a strong player. Let's see w...

More Of My Favorite Classic Chess Games's Thumbnail

More Of My Favorite Classic Chess Games

IM Silman May 18, 2017

This series is all about the classic games that affected me in a profound manner as a young teen (15 years old). In general, they were positional games, since for a kid that grew up on attacking chess and combinations (12 to 14 years old...

How I Learned My 1st Chess Openings's Thumbnail

How I Learned My 1st Chess Openings

louisathomas May 17, 2017

When I began playing chess, I had no idea how to begin a game. I would stare at the row of pawns, wondering which one I should order forward, without an idea of why. Or I’d hop a knight into the open board and hope for the best. There are ...


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