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The Strongest Player You've Never Heard Of?'s Thumbnail

The Strongest Player You've Never Heard Of?

GM Gserper Oct 29, 2017

From time to time I learn about strong players from the past that are generally forgotten now. I wrote about one such player in this old article. Today I would like to talk about another master who is pretty much forgotten today. Have you hear...

Four Player Chess: How To Play And Win's Thumbnail

Four Player Chess: How To Play And Win

News Oct 27, 2017

While the traditional two-player chess that we know and love today has become the most popular way to play, there have been hundreds of variations of chess created by imaginative fans of the game. One of the earliest and most notable variants of...

Are You Brave Enough To Play This Attack?'s Thumbnail

Are You Brave Enough To Play This Attack?

IM Silman Oct 26, 2017

In August, I wrote an article about the King’s Indian and a game played by The Chess.com member IvnKaramazov. Well, he’s done it again with another exciting KID game. I won’t annotate it since my main focus is going to be the K...

Fun With Double-Exchange Sacs's Thumbnail

Fun With Double-Exchange Sacs

FishThatRoared Oct 25, 2017

When I was a teenage Sicilian Dragon aficionado, I salivated over the thought that one day I might land in a certain theoretical sub-variation of the Yugoslav Attack where Black sacrifices not one but both exchanges to bust up White’s queens...

How To Watch MVL vs Grischuk Today's Thumbnail

How To Watch MVL vs Grischuk Today

pete Oct 23, 2017

Could this be the closest match in the 2017 Speed Chess Championship yet?  You can throw the seeds out the window as Maxime Vachier-Lagrave will face Alexander Grischuk in the first quarterfinal of the championship, the stron...

The Eternal Battle: Bishops vs Knights's Thumbnail

The Eternal Battle: Bishops vs Knights

IM Silman Oct 19, 2017

The Chess.com member dudejan asked: I always seem to struggle to know where to develop my bishops. For knights the concepts of outposts or placement behind a pawn to double defend certain squares are quite logical for me. But for bishops I don...

Serendipity: An Unforeseen Friendship's Thumbnail

Serendipity: An Unforeseen Friendship

Pia_swe Oct 16, 2017

"Do you know who that is"? whispered the tournament leader and nodded toward the door where an elderly man in jacket, black shirt and purple tie slowly with the support of his cane of copper came into the room and settled down at one of the beauti...

The Strongest Chess Librarian In The World's Thumbnail

The Strongest Chess Librarian In The World

GM Gserper Oct 15, 2017

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the 65-year-old librarian James Tarjan beat the former world champion Vladimir Kramnik in the recently concluded Chess.com Isle of Man tournament. Of course Grandmaster James Tarjan is not an ordinary ...

How Can Older Players Improve?'s Thumbnail

How Can Older Players Improve?

IM Silman Oct 12, 2017

IMPROVEMENT FOR OLD PLAYERS The Chess.com member jayzorac wrote: I have a question for you. Do you think “older” players can still improve to expert and master level?  SILMAN: Mr. jayzorac wrote quite a bit about hi...

What Is The Best Move?'s Thumbnail

What Is The Best Move?

GM Gserper Oct 8, 2017

All chess players encounter this situation in every single game. You are considering your next move and see numerous tempting opportunities. All the moves look equally strong, so which one should you prefer? What is the best move to play? There ...

How To Improve Your Calculation's Thumbnail

How To Improve Your Calculation

IM Silman Oct 5, 2017

The Chess.com member Benjamin_Dubuque (rated 1288) wrote: I have a question about calculation. I often miss either simple intermediate moves or very quiet moves in my calculations, especially in complicated messes that I seem to find myself in...

How To Watch Magnus Carlsen Today: Speed Chess Champs's Thumbnail

How To Watch Magnus Carlsen Today: Speed Chess Champs

pete Oct 3, 2017

Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion, makes his debut in the 2017 Speed Chess Championship in the most anticipated online chess match so far this year. Carlsen will face the qualifier GM Gadir Guseinov in this first-round battle to decide wh...

Is Chess Barbaric?'s Thumbnail

Is Chess Barbaric?

GM Gserper Oct 2, 2017

The title of this article might surprise you. Indeed it sounds like an oxymoron. How can such a noble, royal game be barbaric? Well, the traditional definition of chess is a trifecta of art, science and sport. If you are mostly oriented tow...

Should You Fear Symmetry?'s Thumbnail

Should You Fear Symmetry?

IM Silman Sep 29, 2017

The Chess.com member Addu_Chess asked: I’ve read How to Reassess Your Chess, and I read about the various imbalances. But what if the position is symmetrical? JS: There are quite a few symmetrical openings, but it’s usually easy ...

The Curse Of Nakamura's Thumbnail

The Curse Of Nakamura

GM Gserper Sep 24, 2017

It is not a big secret that I devote a lot of space in my articles to Hikaru Nakamura's chess. The reason is not even that just like thousands of his fans I am rooting for a grandmaster who has a unique, entertaining style of play. Hikaru's tran...

Has The King's Indian Attack Been Forgotten?'s Thumbnail

Has The King's Indian Attack Been Forgotten?

IM Silman Sep 21, 2017

The Chess.com member Kingdom_chess2 asked: “Why is the King’s Indian Attack less popular at the top level? Is there any specific reason?” JS: The KIA (King’s Indian Attack) was explored (by very strong players!) in the 19...

The First Computer Chess Championship  in the USA's Thumbnail

The First Computer Chess Championship in the USA

batgirl Sep 20, 2017

     For nearly 20 years computers have dominated chess.  These advanced devises not only defeat the best players, but have become indispensable as training tools, analyzing partners and always-ready opponents.    &...

The Top 3 Chess Insults's Thumbnail

The Top 3 Chess Insults

GM Gserper Sep 17, 2017

The 2017 World Cup is one of the most important events of the year and a real feast for the true chess enthusiast. It is even covered by the mainstream media, which usually ignores chess. Unfortunately the media got interested in chess for the wro...

Noticing Change Or Opportunity On The Chessboard's Thumbnail

Noticing Change Or Opportunity On The Chessboard

IM Silman Sep 15, 2017

At the beginning of a game the professional chess player understands the ins and outs of the opening he plays which, of course, has been deeply studied. He knows where his pieces should be, he is well-versed about the pawn structure’s needs,...

ChessKid.com: Making Chess More Fun With GIFs's Thumbnail

ChessKid.com: Making Chess More Fun With GIFs

ChessKid Sep 13, 2017

Chess is so much more than simple squares, pieces, letters and numbers. But it certainly helps the learning process when you bring the game to life! Below are some of the animated GIFs that ChessKid uses in videos that teach kids how to play and...

The Youngest Chess Stars's Thumbnail

The Youngest Chess Stars

GM Gserper Sep 10, 2017

The news about the four-year old Misha Osipov beating a grandmaster spread the world like wildfire. It must be a new record by a wide margin. Many people think that little Misha is going to be the world champion one day for sure. Photo: Che...

3 Of Emanuel Lasker's Greatest Hits's Thumbnail

3 Of Emanuel Lasker's Greatest Hits

IM Silman Sep 7, 2017

I’m back with three more of my favorite Emanuel Lasker games. Remember that they might or might not be his best games. All that matters is that they are games that affected me over the years. Though Lasker was one of the greatest tactician...


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