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The 3-Check Traps You Need To Know's Thumbnail

The 3-Check Traps You Need To Know

FM MikeKlein May 9, 2017

You don't play 3-check on the Chess.com live server? That's a shame. I thought we could be friends. Why is the game great? All that opening theory that masters know more about? Yeah, it's all useless. Draws? Almost never. Oh, and did I ment...

How To Study Master Chess Games's Thumbnail

How To Study Master Chess Games

GM Gserper May 7, 2017

Most chess players like to study games by masters and grandmasters. Indeed, many of these games are real works of art and you can enjoy them immensely. Of course, you can also learn from such games. I still remember the shock I experienced ...

Interesting Chess Data: Time Controls And Game Results's Thumbnail

Interesting Chess Data: Time Controls And Game Results

erik May 5, 2017

Every chess game starts with a "time control" - how long each player has to move. And every game ends with a "result" - why did it end? A friend asked me about how each time control impacts the result, and I had no idea! So I took a look.  ...

Let's Do The Lasker Stomp Again!'s Thumbnail

Let's Do The Lasker Stomp Again!

IM Silman May 4, 2017

It’s just a jump to the left. And then a step to the right. With your hands on your hips, you bring you knees in tight...Let’s do the time warp again! That’s right! Once again I will take you down a time warp that pus...

Morphy-Time's Thumbnail


batgirl May 3, 2017

     Probably no timepiece with a connection to chess is more famous than Morphy's watch.      Earlier this year, inspired by it's uniqueness and historic significance, the RGM Watch Co. of Mt. Joy, P...

Fill Out Your Speed Chess Champs Bracket's Thumbnail

Fill Out Your Speed Chess Champs Bracket

pete May 2, 2017

The 2017 Chess.com Speed Chess Championship kicks off its first match today with Hikaru Nakamura facing the qualifying GM Sergey Grigoriants. You can watch that match live this Wednesday, May 3 at 10 a.m. PDT on Chess.com/TV. ...

Who Is The Bizarre Grandmaster?'s Thumbnail

Who Is The Bizarre Grandmaster?

GM Gserper Apr 30, 2017

It's a shame that the grandmaster Nigel Short is not as well known to the general public as much as he used to be.   In the 1990s he was one of the best chess players in the world and even played a match vs. Garry Kasparov, trying...

What In The World Is A Chess Style?'s Thumbnail

What In The World Is A Chess Style?

IM Silman Apr 27, 2017

The Chess.com member WackyJ1 wrote: "You hear about 'style' everywhere from chess books to chess articles. With statements like, 'You should choose your opening based on what suits your style' and, 'Steer games towards positions that are...

Links to the Past III's Thumbnail

Links to the Past III

batgirl Apr 26, 2017

As in attics where things once used get stored out of sight and mind, old articles have a way of burying themselves under the weight of those that follow, becoming lost and forgotten. Sometimes it pays to put on an apron and gloves, wall...

Is Speed Chess Good For You?'s Thumbnail

Is Speed Chess Good For You?

NM danheisman Apr 26, 2017

Yes.* *Speed chess is good for you (meaning it can help your slow chess, too) but doing it "incorrectly" could be harmful. Let's digress... A few years ago our Main Line Chess Club hosted a seminar by WGM Jennifer Shahade. At the end...

Girl Power In Chess's Thumbnail

Girl Power In Chess

GM Gserper Apr 23, 2017

At of this writing, GM Hou Yifan is the sole leader of the super tournament in Baden Baden. Her play in this tournament so far is simply unbelievable and each game is a textbook example of good chess. Photo: Georgios Souleidis. Here is t...

How Can I Teach Using Chess.com?'s Thumbnail

How Can I Teach Using Chess.com?

IM DanielRensch Apr 21, 2017

Chess.com has invested heavily in providing powerful, innovative and all-around robust teaching tools for chess coaches and trainers of all levels and experience. This article is meant to serve as a guide to our tutorials and most commonly used to...

4 Exercises To Become A Tactical Genius's Thumbnail

4 Exercises To Become A Tactical Genius

News Apr 21, 2017

Everyone knows that chess is 99% tactics, but how does one master tactics? IM David Pruess has a new premium video series with four exercises which he guarantees will make you a tactical genius if you practice them seriously. What are you waiting ...

How To Stomp Emanuel Lasker's Thumbnail

How To Stomp Emanuel Lasker

IM Silman Apr 20, 2017

Simultaneous exhibitions are a great thing. A player who would normally never come face-to-face with a famous chess international master or grandmaster is able to live a dream and do his best to beat a legend and hang the signed scoresheet on his ...

The Queen Of Blunders Takes On Tactics's Thumbnail

The Queen Of Blunders Takes On Tactics

louisathomas Apr 19, 2017

In the beginning, tactics were a way to waste time. They were something to do while I was impatient, waiting in line or while water boiled. I had never played chess before, but I had watched my boyfriend play it, and when he noticed my interest,...

Is This The Future Of Chess?'s Thumbnail

Is This The Future Of Chess?

GM Gserper Apr 16, 2017

GM Emil Sutovsky recently posted some shocking news on his Facebook page: a computer program, Ponanza, beat the best shogi player in the world. Not only that, but the computer program pretty much introduced a novelty on the very first move: no pro...

How Can You Consistently Improve Your Chess Game?'s Thumbnail

How Can You Consistently Improve Your Chess Game?

IM Silman Apr 13, 2017

The Chess.com member Cubronzo asked: “I’ve been playing chess for about a year now and my playing strength keeps going up and down. My main problem is my ability to see ahead in a chess position. Do you have any advice on how I could c...

Game of the Month's Thumbnail

Game of the Month

batgirl Apr 12, 2017

     The United States in the 1940s had many splendid chess players such as Sammy Reshevsky, Reuben Fine, Al Horowitz and Isaac Kashdan.  The following story involves all those legends in some fashion.    &nb...

Do You Know The World Champions' Games?'s Thumbnail

Do You Know The World Champions' Games?

GM Gserper Apr 9, 2017

There are many different ways to improve your chess, but few of them can compete with the time-proven method of studying games played by great chess players.   Indeed, this way you learn all the elements of chess from opening to endgam...

Test Your Chess Patterns And Concepts's Thumbnail

Test Your Chess Patterns And Concepts

IM Silman Apr 6, 2017

Amateur chess is often a back-and-forth, muddy, and even stormy adventure where a position’s assessment changes from move to move. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The “trick” is to learn as many basic patterns (...

Can You Solve These 5 'Easy' Retrograde Puzzles?'s Thumbnail

Can You Solve These 5 'Easy' Retrograde Puzzles?

FM MikeKlein Apr 5, 2017

Earlier this year, Chess.com included a brief mention of the death of renowned logician Raymond Smullyan, who often used chess as the medium for his puzzle creations. He was quite the chessic sorcerer -- even his picture above makes him look like ...

Can Chess Players Learn From Poker?'s Thumbnail

Can Chess Players Learn From Poker?

GM Gserper Apr 2, 2017

Chess and poker are frequently compared as both games are based on strategic thinking and decision making. I know many professional and semi-professional chess players who've completely abandoned chess in favor of poker. At some point ...

How Can I Get Fans On Chess.com?'s Thumbnail

How Can I Get Fans On Chess.com?

IM DanielRensch Mar 29, 2017

My mother used to tell me that being embarrassed is just realizing that other people like you more in that moment than you like yourself. Yep. She was nuts Her crazy ideas aside  we can all admit it's nice to be loved and appreciated ...


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