Are there good times and bad times to play chess?

Mar 17, 2012, 10:10 AM |

Well for me...yes. I've noticed my biggest blunders have been occuring in a sequential pattern. Usually towards the end of the work week.

After a long day I enjoy nothing more than chilling out on the sofa and making a few chess moves using my phone app or laptop. It instantly takes my mind off the stresses of work. The problem is that I make incredible blunders when I'm tired. Also, making moves at the office during my lunch break has proven to be unwise as well. Too many distractions going on.

So my question is how to combat my mistakes? I'm thinking either not move at all on Thursdays and Fridays, or not move if I find myself dozzing off. I've tried to be extra carefull when I'm tired but that doesn't seem to help.