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New ChessZombie.com Chess Website

New ChessZombie.com Chess Website

Aug 16, 2014, 9:22 AM 1

     Hello chess friends.  There is a fun new little chess website called ChessZombie.com.  It is a simple hub that shows the top chess news headlines with links to their main story, has some puzzles that were compiled over the years, and will even have some fun new free chess videos.  The site will be completely free to use and is featuring a new leaderboard that just launched on the puzzle page; go check it out now and win the top spots.  The site was created because I just wanted to do something good for the world and promote chess education.  There will be a lot more surprises to come so keep an eye out from time to time.  Have fun and check it out; I bet you could make our leaderboard.



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