2 matches, 2 Sicilians, 2 wins!

Nov 24, 2016, 4:11 PM |

Hi all,

The exceedingly prestigious Lancaster, Morecambe and District Chess League is back under way. The University A team (of which I now play board 1) has made a strong start to the season, with 2/2 matches won! We do have yet to face one of the better teams in the division, but no slip-ups yet.

It's about time I post my games from these first two matches, so here they are. Our first match was against our B team, so it was important to put them in their place! We did just that, winning 4-0. I played Karolis:

All well and good!
For our second match, we travelled to Bare Village social club, a lengthy-ish bus journey from the University. It was worth the trip, as we won, 3-1. My game was a lengthy one, culminating in an ending where 3 pawns overpowered a rook.
So, first 2 matches are successes, a nice way to ease into the season. We have a couple more matches before Christmas, and I'm also playing in a congress next weekend, so look out for some more blogs before too long. Thanks for reading!