A couple of wins - different styles!

Jul 4, 2012, 10:15 AM |

A couple of 15 minute games, both wins, against the same player. In the first one I got a solid position in a Sicilian whilst messing up his queenside, and I was able to mop up his tattered queenside to win without much trouble. He then invited me to a rematch, where he played a weird Scandinavian variation which reminded me of Alekhine's Defence. If he was expecting another quiet-ish positional game, he was wrong - I employ a very sharp opposite-sides castling system vs. the Alekhine where I ram the h pawn down his throat and then throw pieces at his king (whilst leaving mine a bit draughty, I'll admit - although it turned out to be quite safe!)

Haven't annotated these too heavily but there are some instructive moments. More a case of recording some nice wins for my benefit.

Thanks for reading!