First OTB game for a while, a good win!

Feb 16, 2012, 5:28 PM |

Hi all,

Just played a pretty nice OTB game, my first in a while - and certainly my first in a while against some not too shabby opposition too.

To give you some idea of the setting: it was played in my student bar, pint of Guinness in hand Cool I'd drained the glass by the time the game was over. My opponent had no way of knowing my skill level, whereas I knew he had some good experience playing for his local chess team. There was a fair bit of noise (who knew darts could be such a popular spectator sport!) but mostly our game went with few interruptions.

Here's the game completely from memory, may have been some slight difference in move order in places but I'm fairly sure this is it, and with some cursory analysis which I remember from the time. I'll probably analyse this more at some point soon, but for now I want to put it up.