Flukiest win in a while!

Oct 31, 2012, 9:07 AM |

So I played a 2 game match on the Live server just now, 1 White, 1 Black. Time controls were 5 minutes a side. Actually I only intended to play one game, but the first one ended a little too quickly:

My opponent wanted a rematch, and I wanted to play a longer game too. So I accepted his rematch. The second game, I played a Nimzo-Indian Defence and got a reasonable position, and then ... I managed to blunder two rooks for a knight! Just two moves which I played way too quickly led to this disaster. But, I fought on, and under the blitz time controls, my opponent let me get too much dangerous activity with my remaining queen and bishop. In the final position I even have a won game! Here it is:

If you still have some active pieces, no matter if you're down a load of material, I say fight on! The key to this victory was getting my pieces active, almost completely ignoring my opponents threats and creating my own threats for as long as I could, giving my opponent maximum scope for errors! Anyway, thanks for reading, and keep fighting!