Game of the Week: 1

Nov 13, 2010, 6:08 PM |

So I've been playing at the site for a year and a half now, and have racked up over 1000 games played in total. That's a lot!

Anyway, I recorded most of my games (except the ones in which I played awfully!) and so I've built up quite a bank of them. I thought it would be interesting to start a weekly blog, every Sunday I post one of the most fun games I've played on the site, annotated with my thoughts and memories at the time, (and a bit of analysis too). These aren't necessarily my best wins (they won't all be wins either!), but just some that are fun to play through. I'll post some of the positions in the game as puzzles as well.

So here's the first game, which I nicknamed "A Bloody Massacre"

3 days per move, my opponent was rated around 1900, same as I.

So White is already completely dominant, but now I ripped Black to shreds! I could hardly believe it at the time.
Next week will be a more even game.
So I thought that was quite a fun little game to play through, just one of those games where the moves seem to come together easily. Next week will feature a much longer game, "Epic of Uncertainty". That's it for now.