Game of the Week: 3


This third installment of Game of the Week features a nice little game which I think is fairly instructive on the strategy of the Nimzo-Indian defence, my favourite defence for Black against 1.d4. My opponent this time was weaker than I, around 1600 in rating, and again it was correspondence at 3days/move (Maybe I should start putting some Live games in here). Look especially for how White's bishop pair become immobile and hemmed in by his own pawns, and how White's pieces are unable to co-ordinate, in contrast with Black's.

Hopefully this game was nice to play through from a strategic point of view; no real tactics involved, just a cramping of White's position which then cracked under the pressure. Black's attack wasn't sophisticated - I was just able to add more pieces into the battle and outgun my opponent.
So important to notice here how the closed central pawn structure really made my Knight a powerful piece and his Bishops ineffectual.
Next week's game will be one I lost (haven't decided which yet so it should be fun), but one in which I gave a fight in, just a better fight from my opponent.