Game of the Week: 4

Dec 7, 2010, 3:16 PM |

Right, so as I promised, here's a game I lost. It was a toughly fought game, White expanding on the kingside but neglecting his queenside too much as Black expanded over there. It was Black who managed to plant his pieces in the better positions and proceeded to tie up my position. Then a beautiful mating sacrifice became possible.

Here's the game, ratings around 1600 at this time. 3 day correspondence again.

So I'm practially dead here already, but what was the best way to finish me off?
Notice that at no point did Black win material, he just overpowered me with stronger moves. I find that's the most satisfying type of game to win personally, which doesn't make it any better to be on the losing side!
Next week we will see ... another game of mine! Ok I haven't decided yet but it won't be late like this week's I promise. Thanks for playing!