Game of the Week 8

Jul 19, 2011, 5:34 PM |

Hey folks!

I know its been a long time since the last game of the week! But here is a perfect game to showcase - a real battle, with White exerting a positional clamp on Black and tightening it such that, even whilst there is no material gain, White increases and increases his advantage to the point of breaking for Black. And there is a nice combination at the end to finish! - I shall divulge no more. Here is the game:

So White has acheived a winning position - now to win it:








The notable thing about this game is that at no point did White win any material. In the whole game. Yet it was clear that White dominated the game - through pure strength of position (and of course some dubious and acquiesing play by Black). Exactly how did White acheive this dominance?

1 - Outposts - For example White vacated the d4 square for his knight, which became a useful post. Also the a5 move, allowing Bc5.

2 - A careful build-up - Black had no counterplay and that was because there was no weak spot in the White set up (after, of course, that horrible b4 move which set me back).

Hope you enjoyed the game.