Games vs. York


Had a few players from York Uni make the trip up to Durham today. We played a match in the morning (1hr per side) and then in the afternoon, a 4 round Swiss, 30 minute games.

I notated my long game and one other vs. a York player. Both ended in a win for me (coincidentally!) so enjoy my annotations, which will inevitably make me sound big-headed.

I was glad to win a nice game here - have struggled with this specific line in blitz a bit.

Anyway, that meant in the afternoon I could doss off and enjoy the rapid games. The one I noted down turned out as a miniature in the Levenfish variation of the Dragon. I gambled that my opponent would not know the theory and for once, it came off!

The other games - I beat a player from York from the White side of a Yugoslav Dragon (although i should have lost - his attack was dangerous but then he locked the queenside up). The two games I played against guys from Durham I both lost - they know me too well now perhaps ...

Thanks for reading!