Quad #54: Game 3 (Round 5)


Hi all!

So, I haven't had too much time for chess recently; first there were exams, then there was the post-exam party/gigging/relaxing in the sun period, and after finishing off at uni for the year I went straight into my summer job, and have been concentrating on that for the past month! But now, I've decided I have time to spend some time on chess again. Specifically, slow chess! (Because as much as I love 1 minute, solely playing that has resulted in my thought process for longer games turning into absolute gash). Also, bullet chess gives me a short term fix; but slower chess is so much more satisfying to play. The full 3 course meal, as opposed to a quick snack.

So, next weekend I will be playing in the Micro-Swiss #10, organised by the folks over at the Dan Heisman Learning Centre (A fantastic job of organising different slow chess events is done by the organisers over there). Before I get to those, however, I realised that I never got round to blogging the last two games I played in the Quad #54 from back in May (Not the only thing I forgot; I was playing a computer-aided correspondence game a few months ago with a mate; he recently remembered about it and asked me whose move it was. Turned out it had been mine since the 27th April Laughing) So I'll be getting those out this week, circumstances permitting, and then can move on fresh.

So, Quad #54! It's the Modern-Benoni themed quad, an opening that I didn't think I knew anything about beforehand. Actually though, having now played 4 games in the opening ... it's safe to say that I'm certain I know nothing whatsoever about the opening. Well, the games were fun!

This game, I had White against dacster13, and managed a draw. My play skirted on the edge of respectability throughout, I missed tactics, maneouvres, all sorts of ideas ... and managed somehow to force a draw right at the end. Here's the game, with improvements for both sides discussed.

A very fun game to play. On balance, I guess a draw was fair enough - I missed far too many elementary tactics to deserve a win, and Black let me get a winning position in the middlegame and then blew the endgame - he didn't deserve it either! (Although well played to my opponent - he played a lot of good ideas)

Round 6 will be following soon (next few days), so stay tuned, and thanks for reading!