Quad #54: Game 4 (Round 6)

Aug 2, 2013, 4:23 PM |

Alright, so analysis of the final game in the Benoni Quad!

I was Black against Suvel, who I managed to beat earlier in the quad. Unfortunately for me, fortunes were reversed this time around and I lost! Good game from Suvel, and lots to take from this game. I felt like I had a promising position but as so often, made a howler of a move and Suvel punished me severely.

Well played to my opponent, and as for me, I thought I played pretty well up to a point, at which I forgot how to play chess and managed to find a quick way to hang all my major pieces Laughing. I did enjoy all the games in the Benoni tournament, although I haven't decided to take it up as a defence, I think it's a really interesting opening with great character. Maybe I will look at it properly one day. Thanks for reading!