Slow 1-2 Pairing #3: Round 1

Nov 29, 2013, 3:04 PM |

You guessed it, frequent reader of my blogs - it's another DHLC slow chess tournament! This one is a 4 round tournament, with pairings decided by rating in a different manner - it pairs the #1 ranked player with the #2 ranked player, and so on! Actually the tournament finished already - so I guess I should say this WAS a 4 round tournament etc! I'm a bit behind on these. Nevertheless, here we go.

As the top ranked player (!) I was therefore paired with the 2nd ranked player, Falcon87, for the first game. His rating was a shade below mine in the mid 1700s, and he had White. A tough first round assignment by any standards! Here's the game:

So a fairly solid draw to start the tournament - White had a very small edge throughout but wasn't able to convert it into anything meaningful against the setup I chose. An interesting game and an opening I will need to look into more. Thanks for reading!