Slow 1-2 Pairing #3: Round 3

Nov 29, 2013, 4:50 PM |

Ok, so 1.5/2 in the Slow Pairing tournament so far. This round I was back to playing stronger players by Standard rating as I was paired up against Constantine73, who has a Standard rating in the 1700s, and a USCF rating of 1850. I was expecting a long tough game. What I didn't know, however, was that Constantine was playing the game on his phone, from an OTB tournament hall where his son was playing. Hardly ideal conditions for him to concentrate!

And so I got lucky - my opponent dropped a piece on move 9 (although in a very interesting and unusual opening duel). I didn't spot it and made a move allowing him to escape. His 10th move gave it back (this time it was easier to see) and, very sportingly, resigned on the spot (I would not have been so sporting - only a piece down I like to try and fight back anyway!) 

*Tongue firmly placed in cheek.

Well that was a good game for a 10-mover! Bad luck to my opponent but as a strong player he will barely pay it attention I'm sure. Thanks for reading!