Slow 1-2 Pairing #3: Round 4

Dec 2, 2013, 4:31 AM |

This was the final round of the Slow 1-2 Pairing #3 tournament! I felt it was a bit short actually with quite a few people in the section. Having drawn 1 game (in Round 1) I was already out of contention to win, with one player having already gone 4/4. Disappointing not to be able to get to play him! Still, with a win in this game I could take clear 2nd place which is still pretty good.

My opponent was MurkyLizard, who I have played before:

having won that game, he would surely be out for revenge here! Fortunately for me I had the White pieces as in the last game, and so the slight advantage that it confers.

The game itself was very interesting, by far the longest and most exciting of the tournament. Overall I was very happy with my play in this game and managed to score the win! Here it is:

So that was a pleasing win for me - it's always much more satisfying to win when your opponent plays a good game as well! Thanks for reading!