Slow Swiss 3: Game #3 and Round 4

Mar 31, 2013, 4:08 AM |

So, round 3 of the Slow Swiss 3 tournament! I was at 1/2 so far after bouncing back from defeat in the first round to win my second game. In the 3rd round I was facing a strong player in C-nack. We had already played once before, a friendly game - I got a decent position from the opening and was maybe a tiny bit better before overlooking a tactical sequence which screwed my position up. So here I was out for revenge, although I had Black again! Still, I gave it a good shot.

So, this draw put me up to 1.5/3 in the tournament. Probably too late to be running for 1st place now.

Round 4, I was pitted against flannufmed. Unfortunately, he had a very busy week, and we weren't able to schedule our game at a convenient time! He offered to forfeit both matches (we were playing in the Quad as well) but I offered to reaarrange for the following week. Unfortunately, we couldn't rearrange the Swiss game since the pairings for the next round might have been affected. Probably this should have led to a forfeit in my favour, but the TD game us half a point each and told us to play in Rd 5. I wasn't really too bothered about the lost half-point, so let it slide. At 2/4 I wasn't in contention to win anyway! Anyway, Round 5 against flannufmed will come next time - will I finish the tournament with a plus score, evens, or negative score?

Thanks for reading!