Slow Swiss 3: Game #5

Final round of the Slow Swiss 3, 1600+ section! If you read my last blog, you'll remember I was paired against flannufmed for this game, and was on 2/4 going into this round. Winning would mean a plus result and a high finish in the tournament, so I was definitely motivated to win this game.

But the first piece of drama occurred when I logged into, just to check on my games, with around 40 minutes before the game started. Or so I thought! As it happens, DST (Daylight Savings Time) kicked in in the Americas 3 weeks before it did in Europe, something I was not aware of! So I was already 20 minutes late for the game!

I apologised to my opponent, and for the first 10 moves of the game had to balance playing my moves with taking a Skype call (since I wasn't expecting to play for another 40 minutes!) Anyway, here's what happened:

A very interesting game - just one blunder, a piece up, and suddenly Black is losing! Neither me nor my opponent really saw the strength of 15.Bf4 until it was on the board. I haven't included many lines in my analysis, but flannufmed and I spent some time looking at various lines, and it's worthwhile as one of the starkest illustrations of a weak dark colour complex I have ever come across in my games.

Anyway, this win meant I ended the tournament on 3/5, tying with 3 other players for 3rd place in a field of 14. A decent result, and I enjoyed all my games in this tournament! Next time I'll be returning to my games in the Slow Quad #29, with two rounds yet to blog in that tournament.

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  • 4 years ago


    a good example of how important it is to place your pieces at strong squares. The loss of material you suffer (12.Bd3) dosent stop you from dictating the game. a very good game over all in my oppinion.

    Also its notable to see how much trouble Flannufmed gets himself into whit his rather weak opening moves. It seems like he is engaging some sort of Kings indian defense or something against the e4? Why he dosent castle kingside early on is for me strange.

    Position over material any day I say:)

  • 4 years ago


    Hi shaadwal. 13.Ng5 loses the bishop to 13...f4, and I decided I would rather keep the bishop than the knight! 

    In the variation, Qxg7 is definitely a better move than Rhe1, nice one Cool

  • 4 years ago


    In the variation of the 17th move, you could also have tried Qxg7

  • 4 years ago


    13. Ng5 seems a good move. Why did you not employ that?

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