Slow Swiss 5: Game 4

May 8, 2013, 2:08 PM |

Slow Swiss time again!

Ok, so in Round 3, I received a forfeit - my opponent just never showed up to arrange a time. Oh well.

Round 4, I was paired against eyfw, a player who I outrate by a few hundred points. I also had White again, so was confident that I should win. Maybe that confidence turned to complacency early in the game, as I fell for a nice opening trap. However, my position wasn't horrible even after the trap, and I was able to come back strongly to win.

An interesting game, mistakes on both sides, but after the opening I was fairly happy with the way I played this game! So, on to 3/4 anyway, with a tough final round ahead no doubt, but hopefully I can get 4/5 which is a decent score. Thanks for reading!