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USCL Week 6: Esserman vs. Gelashvili

USCL Week 6: Esserman vs. Gelashvili

Oct 9, 2013, 1:54 PM 0

Hi all, Week 6 of the USCL! This week featured loads of great games, but, in the end, I had to feature this game, the GOTW winner! It was just an incredible game, won by GM Tamaz Gelashvili of the New York Knights over IM Marc Esserman of the Boston Blitz. After some of Gelashvili's play last season, including a very impressive knockout of GM Sam Shankland, I already knew he was an exciting player, so seeing him return for his first game this season and playing like this was great entertainment. Here's the game:

In just over 2 hours, GM Gelashvili is in action again, this time facing off against one of the League's most famous players, GM Julio Becerra, of the Miami Sharks. Don't miss it! I'm watching it, despite the fact it may not finish until 3am UK time, and I have a 9am lecture to get up for! Thanks for reading.

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