Weekly Slow Chess Game #3

Sep 20, 2013, 10:04 AM |

Alright, played another 45|45 game today, against MurkyLizard (great username!) another strong player with a standard rating around 1600. The opening was the Mieses Scotch, not something I can really remember playing before, but I didn't fancy my more usual Evans Gambit today. I felt the opening went ok, although I did lose a pawn to a simple fork which was a bad miss! Nevertheless, the computer reckoned I might have some compensation, and after losing the pawn I focussed on developing my pieces to the right squares and restricting his, and my position turned into a good one. With an open centre it got very sharp very quickly! Here's the game:

I very much enjoyed that game, with my "gambit" turning out alright in the end. Finishing off with a rook and queen sacrifice was good as well I guess! Thanks for reading.