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increase your rating!!

Jul 12, 2014, 3:20 AM 0

hi there!Smile. I am a member of chess.com .  i have a fide rating [ 1198 ] but in chess.com,i am rated 1566. How is this improvement? because in chess.com getting 2000 is not very difficult but in tournament,increasing 2 points is very difficult. in both fide and chess.com, i started with1200 [1223 in fide and 1200 in chess.com ]. But still i decreased in fide. in the last 8 games, i won with 1385, 1346,1568,1345,1189,1578and lost to 1399 and 1567.in 8 games my rating went from 1200 to 1566 [ on 12.7.2014 ].     thank you if you had read my paragraph of typing

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