a game that will put a smile onto your face

Jul 31, 2010, 1:34 PM |

 today i was searching through my database for the oldest game ever recorded. as i was looking i found this:

[Event ""]
[Site "Rome"]
[Date "1619"]
[Round ""]
[White "Gioachino Greco"]
[Black "Unknown"]
[TimeControl "0/0"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO " "]

{Chess notation is a wonderful invention -- a time machine that allows us to enjoy chess games of all eras, even those played
hundreds of years ago. Here we see one of the first great chess masters, Gioachino Greco, in action. While Greco is credited
with developing some gambits, his main contribution to chess was to publish witty collections of games that illustrate his
theories. Greco considered the following one of his best games.}
1.e4 b6
{The Queen's Fianchetto opening. An early fianchetto by Black shows a willingness to defend against a big pawn center,
picking away at it from the wings. In ceding so much territory, Black must be on constant guard against direct attacks on the
King, as this game amply illustrates.}
{The natural move. White is happy to build an advantage in space.}
2...Bb7 3.Bd3
{Greco often preferred developing his bishop to d3, rather than c4 or b5. As this game progresses, you will see
that this piece is perfectly placed.}
{Black offers a pawn to break up the enemy center.}
{White accepts the pawn, and the fireworks begin.}
4...Bxg2 5.Qh5+ g6
{It is interesting that hundreds of years after this game was played, all of the moves so far are still
considered "book." If you weren't aware of the date, you might believe that this game was from the Hypermodern movement of the
early 20th century.}
6.fxg6 Nf6
{Black gets greedy and loses immediately. The typical continuation is 6...Bg7 7.gxh7+ Kf8 8.hxg8=Q+ Kxg8 9.Qg6 (or
Qg4) Bxh1 and Black has a reasonable game.}
7.gxh7+ Nxh5
{Gleefully seizing the enemy queen, but not seeing the danger.}
{Even after four centuries, some games can still elicit a smile.}

although the game isn't very instructive it is still a nice one! hopefully this game will put a smile onto the great amazing readers of this blog! :-)