a new interesting blog

Jul 31, 2010, 12:42 AM |

hey guys...and girls for all that are reading this!

this is my first attempt at a blog so hopefully it will be OK. :-) OK so today's topic: what is the most important part of chess. ie the opening the middle game or the endgame. most would say the opening like my friend willilo "i am just sooo good at the opening (and your also very modest!) that's why i alwayssmash you" he says in his horrible annoying voice. but i disagree learning the opening is good but what happens when theory runs out! what do you do then. for all players the most important part of chess is the endgame. learning those little subtleties that can mean a win for you or just a loss. learning what different pawn structures are good and bad and where to move your pieces to get the most out of the position. (for those that are interested in the endgame i suggest buying the following book: Dvortesks's endgame manual(think thats how you spell it!?) also if you learn the endgame and are confident then you can be confident in trading peices in the middlegame and opening because you know that you are good at the endgame and really it is just a simple win!