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Is chess a sport?

Is chess a sport?

Aug 24, 2016, 2:01 AM 13

This question puzzles me all the time as I argue about it a lot. SO is chess a sport? In a way it is as you have to exercise your brain to find tactics, strategy etc. You are also exercising your arm and fingershappy.png. It's also pretty competive, like lots of other sports, with lots of tournaments, chess websites, chess books and chess clubs. However in another way it isn't a sport as you don't use physical exercise (where you go running about). It's also slightly harder to socialise with friends playing chess rather than playing a TEAM sport (soccer, basketball etc).

So now that you've read my reasons, have a say in the comments and if you want to give a reason. These votes will be counted on September 15.

As always thx for reading


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