Trap in Budapest Gambit Opening #2

Oct 10, 2009, 6:07 PM |
When I just started playing chess many years ago, I hated when players used opening traps against me. Back then I never bothered learning the opening lines, and instead preferred to always play over the board.

Nowadays, I study openings much more carefully. With black, Budapest Gambit offers some interesting chances, especially for intermediate level players. As in other openings, there are specific traps that black players can use to surprise their opponents. Here is a typical position, that arises if white accepts the gambit.

In this situation, there are several moves white can make. The most popular one is 8. e3. However, white also often plays the natural, and the second most popular, 8. a3. This sets up nicely for a trap. Can you find it?

Oops! So, how should have white played?

Other traps in the Budapest Gambit can be found below:
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