Miley Cyrus

Apr 25, 2014, 10:52 AM |

Umm....... I love miley cyrus even if you guys talk about how she has changed a lot, i recently watched a video, actually it was an interview about her change.

She said she loves her fans, both the ones that hate her and love her but she said she wasn't comfortable with being Hannah Montana because it wasn't her.

She was also upset because on a normal day she going for a concert fully covered looking pretty but she just saw a poster that said "MILEY IS BORING" so she was like either she was boring or she was a slut or maybe a whore. I know you guys miss miley cyrus the sweet, nice, long-hairded girl who sang songs like the climd, true friends, wherever i go.............e.t.c and i also miss her but i am gonna give her a chance

Oh, and when asked why she was always sticking her tongue out she said that she was embarassed to take pictures and so that was all she could think of doing.Laughing