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Never Resign

Nov 16, 2009, 8:02 AM 3

For all the people new to chess or wanting to improve your game. I am going to give you a little advice from a novice who loves the game. NEVER RESIGN ! I have played countless people on chess.com and have found out how easily people resign as soon as they loose there queen. WHY ! I have gone on to win loads of games after loosing my queen early on, it makes you try harder think of more better stratiges and improves your game all round in defence and attack. Also how complacent opponents become when they have your queen, the game of chess is about gettting the king in check mate not the queen. lack of concentration and silly mistakes can easily let you back in the game and OOO the victory can feel even sweeter when they have rubbed it in when they took your queen and they still lost.  ( so what do you think ) 

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