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Re-Match ?

Dec 11, 2009, 4:48 AM 2

For all those bad losers out there you know who you are. You lose a game and then offer a rematch, you get beaten again then the rematch offer comes again. Now you win this game and if I then offer you a rematch you dont responed ? I will give anyone a rematch win,lose or draw. Its the bad sportsmanship that gets on my nerves after you have been beaten, do you write gg or well played NO you dont a little comon curtsey would by nice. Its striaght to the rematch button, these losers will keep asking for a rematch until they beat you ( if they can ) then vanish when you want a rematch, fair ? I think not. I always try to be polite in defeat or victory with gg or well played but there a few of us here who also do that. You must of also come across the idiot who writes hahahaha after taking your queen. where do these people come from ? IDIOTS ! I thnk we should start a list of all the idiots and bad losers to warn the sensible players dont have to put up with it. Let me know if this also gets on your nerves and fill free to name and shame the worst losers and idiots below so that we can all avoid them.

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