Mar 6, 2011, 10:36 AM |

      Hi my name is jaquessia lawson and iam 14 years old. Iam in middle school and i go to millennium middle and iam in 7th grade i love going to school but sometimes the kids and the teachers at the school make me want to just cuse everyone out and drop out but i get through the day with the help of my favorite teacher whos like a second mom too me.Innocent

    My talent is that i love to sing, paint and draw, I also write poetry in my journals. My poetry writings is mostly how or what im feeling inside and whats happening around me but its mostly about my life after iam always donre with    my poems i turn them into music and play them on my piano. I have hobbies too like cross country and track every year i sign up for both cross country and track. Running is my dream and also sing But running is whats going to get me too the olympics if wilma rudolph and make it to the olmpics track and feild or cross countrythen i can make it too.Wink

      I love my mlife because iam very talented if it wasnt for my family and my best friend who is my mom then i wouldnt be doing what im doing now which is foollowing my dream. What i want to do in life is be a doctor, poet, and a artist plus travel the world that is what my dream is and i will stick with it until after college.Smile

                                                                            BY:JAQUESSIA LAWSON