My Chess Games

Jan 13, 2010, 8:28 PM |

[I volunteered to be a Chess.Com greeter and I win most of my online chess games by time :D]

Firstly, a game with adam7777 with Live Chess. Time: 10|0. Ended with a stalemate with my opponent having 3 queens :O Just want to show you the stalemate :)


Here is another game with flyers1010 where, again, I lost. This time with a back-rank checkmate. Time: 5|0


There are many tactics in my games which sometimes succeed. Most of them are in my current Online Chess games, but in this game I threatened a King and Rook fork. I lost with ANOTHER back-rank mate. This time against k1ll3rn1nja and the timing was 10|0


Next a game against sbowers3 where I made MANY, MANY blunders. Fortunately my friendly opponent explained. Thank you Spec and I hope you don't mind me putting our Chat messages in the game below. My first Online Chess game. Oh, and I lost with a back-rank checkmate AGAIN. Stupid me.
The next game I resigned on move sixteen because of a Knight forking the King and Queen. I should've noticed! Time : 10|0
A typical Queen and Knight early checkmate position in the next game. It was in my "Checkmates - Rookie" blog so why did I miss it? Time: 15|0
Now, - what you were waiting for - a game that I won! Time: 10|0
And finally, another game that I won. Comment on this blog for more games! Time: 10|0