Openings and Traps in Openings

Jan 12, 2010, 7:12 PM |

1. e4 e5 openings and 1. e4 c5 openings

In my opinion e5 is not the best move if White plays e4 but most beginners I play against play this. The reason why is because White can keep harassing black's e-pawn and he has to eventually give in. However, c5 still controls the center but does not free any pieces. The stronger players I play against play c5 when I play e4. It is the most popular move in Master and Grandmaster games when White plays e4.

Scotch Game

This is the opening I mostly use with white if my opponent replies e5. This opening harasses Black's e-pawn and eventually he must give in.


Italian Game: Anti-Fried Liver Defense


I used to always play this opening, but now I've switched. These two (The Scotch Game and Anti-Fried Liver Defense) plus Sicilian Defense: Dragon Variation are pretty much the only openings I remember. Actually, put in Najdorf Variation and Modern Defense and Classical Variation of Sicilian.



Sicilian Defense: Something Variation

I'm not sure what variation it is. I encounter it most with the stronger players. Oh, and can someone please correct me? I'm sure it's not the "Something Variation"



Modern Defense

I'm not sure about the moves of this and I'm pretty sure I've never encountered this. But i know it (I think) And again, can someone correct me on the moves?


Something Something Something Something Something

I do not know what it's called and don't even know if it's popular. But I'll show you anyway




Something Something Something Something Something

Sorry I accidentally deleted the real one and forgot it so I done another one


Now, is this the bit you were waiting for...? TRAPS IN OPENINGS!!

The "OH! MY GOSH!" trap

Research it and solve the puzzle. Otherwise, look at the solution.







Traps in the Sicilian Defence: The Morra Gambit

The Sicilian Defence is the most popular opening reply to White's opening move of 1.e4. Black gets such good results with this opening, even when playing at the highest level of the game, taht a whole chess industry has grown up to produce 'anti-Sicilian' openings.

At club level possibly the most popular of these ploys for White is the Morra Gambit - an opening that is well worth learning for all players.

I will give you 2 samples games (if you wish for more, contact me) which should give you some idea of the many traps that Black can all-too easily fall into when playing against White's Morra Gambit.

I'm back tommorrow for more!