Tips to Improving Your Chess

Jan 13, 2010, 10:38 PM |

Boosting your rating

  • When playing a player who's rating is higher than yours, aim to draw.
  • Do not play against players who have a way lower rating than you (by way lower I mean 1000 compared to 800) because if you win you will not gain many points and if you DRAW or LOSE than you will drop down heaps
  • If you think that you are weaker than 1200 rating, do not play any games. Simple. Not a very good way of having fun, though.
  • DO abandon games when you are losing. I think you lose less points
  • You know you can do your next moves in one move? Well, in a quick game don't do that. I tried lots of times. I never win; i always get checkmated in time. Once I was checkmated when my opponent had 70 MILLISECONDS!

Improving your game

  • Now these aren't really scammy ways, but yeah.
  • Do Tactics Trainer and Chess Mentor and DO NOT get angry if you didn't get anything right. Keep on trying!
  • Play lots of games and convince your opponent (if he is strong enough) to explain and tell you about all of your blunders. And good moves.
  • Read books and don't be too lazy to not play all of the games that don't have diagrams, only chess notation.
  • Frequently play with a human partner and regularly play against a chess engine. FREE downloads include: DreamChess, Real Chess 3D, and some older versions of Fritz and much more!

There are many challenges awaiting you in the world of chess! Go for it!