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May 17, 2008, 2:37 PM 0
OK well the previous bog may not be to clear, i dont mind playing turn chess ar all it actually is like the best thing for me, and like most other people who play we have a job family and other more important things to do so it helps, my boggle is with peopl who have a problem with losing as if its not a part of the game, no matter the opponents ranking in the beginning everyone has a 50/50 chance win or lose, but its the climax of the game or tuning point in the match where it hits you that HEY IM GONNA LOSE THIS ONE!, and instead of making that final move that probably doesn,t help you either way, or surrendering in defeat, they log off for 1,3, or even 5 days depending on the game setting, your prolonging it. For me this is the bottom line and of course its my opinion I like completion, finish what you start, I have a slight problem playing 1 game making 30-50 moves, putting the time in, and win by default because you chose to log off and never finished what you started 

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