Souless once...I'm alive!!

Mar 23, 2008, 9:41 PM |
I was once souless.
I was once a nobody.

I was once a desperate seeker.
I was once a fighter to live.

I was once a dropout.
I was once an addict.

I was once in pain.
I was once blind.

I was once thought dead.
I was once crippled.

I was once homeless.
I was once a thriller.

I was once a convict.
I was once mad.


I found who I was. I found who i was and now thrill to see myself blossom. People are amazed that im still alive. People are amazed that i can still think properly. People look at me and realize....damn..."You properly got the worse record among my whole high school"-Charlie. I was given a chance to behold my life before me, take it or leave it. So i took it. I took it without a second thought and now im back in school, have a job, have my family again, have a nice comfy bed again, and best of all i got God and Jesus smiling down on me from heaven. I changed and so has my soul. I went through to much to ever go back to that past ever again.....part that scared me was that i was going to be sentenced for 10 years behind bars.Can you read that sentence again? Read it and now realize that im not there anymore.Im here writing this to you to show you and to prove you that miracles do exist. Miracles is what God is best known for. Im a Christian now and struggling among this new world of mine. God knows i love Him, he knows im his soldi3r. He knows when ever He needs a frontline man for war, He knows ill be there ready to sacrifice my life for the people i love and care. My life was once owned by the Devil, not again will that happen, because he knows whats going to happen if i see his ugly pussy ass self. Yea im mad. Mad that i did not have the chance to live before and now i must struggle to be where most people are. But guess what? Im loving it because im alive...