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Carlsen is a nice guy but an angry loser!

Carlsen is a nice guy but an angry loser!

Feb 11, 2017, 8:04 AM 3

Like most people I read about how Mr. Carlsen is a poor loser.  He storms out of closing ceremonies after not placing first.  He storms out of press conferences after after losing games.  So, is Mr. Carlen a poor loser?  Yes, in that his behavior flies in the face of societal norms expected of competitors.  Is this behavior excusable?  One would think not since he is a chess role model and trend setter.  Some have suggested (Written Nov 24 · Upvoted by Vjekoslav Nemec, Chess Candidate Master, 2175 Fide, Chess blog author) that Mr. Carlsen's anger is directed at himself after each lose.  The explanation is Mr. Carlsen is his own worst critic.

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