Fast chess is it more than fun?

Sep 7, 2016, 6:44 PM |

Blitz is what I enjoy here at and I believe in order to win blitz games one must employ the best opening, middle, as well as, end game principles one knows.  I also think that everyone can have the best part of their game in any one of the three phases mentioned above.  One wrinkle in blitz is that the clock management is also of vital importance.


So, how does one improve their game?  Certainly, through experience that is, through playing lots of games and studying  both the wins and loses. makes this a simple matter using after game analysis.  Trying to play better opponents helps a great deal, especially if they are friendly and might discuss the game afterwards.  Try and familiarizing yourself with styles of play such as:


1. Defensive play to better manage the clock.

2. Attacking play to eat up pieces and then try and pursue mate.

3. Mirroring/blocking play to prevent advancing.

4. Continuously checking possibly leading to perpetual check.

5. Defense of a central pawn in hopes of promotion, as well as,  game plan to promote pawns.

6. Caught being mated on back row.

7. The last I'll mention is sacrificing major pieces in order to form a trap.

I will continue to study and play chess because I enjoy both!