Speed Chess

Nov 21, 2011, 4:23 PM |

What I have found in my participation in the site's modest[in patronage] round robin 1 minute bullet chess tournaments is threefold.Yes,there's nothing better than a quick mouse/processing unit. That and a very fundamentally sound early game[good form]should situate  one in decent stead until the approximate half minute mark.At that point ,with the board now more spread and porous,it's usually the big boys[1500 and above on average] who are able to quickly discern  the board and effectuate stunning  and precise attack strategies usually with an intact queen on the board and a lightning,very creative[despite the time restraints] freewheeling ,often lethal,final approach strategy.

Sometimes,and this is a double edged sword,if I know someone from past experience has a lethal attack scheme on my castled position,I will try to postpone a castle for as long as possible to avoid his eagle eyed castle breaking assault,and to assess where his main assault pieces are located,just to buy a little time,in this bullet madness.Sometimes the quick KO artist gets a tad frustrated[you know how some control freaks can get]and stumbles-I've witnessed that too.

I've been on the butt end of many of those attacks but I have noticed an improvement of my late middle/end game just by absorbing some of these well executed attacks and playing under such stress.Win,lose or draw it's beeen exhilarating and GG!

I remain a complete and unapologetic speed chess junkie!

Happy Holidays All!