I Decided To Switch Things Around Pt 1!

Sep 15, 2014, 7:20 PM |

I am sure we all had those people who come out of no where and say that they will kill you. Well, when I get these messages, I usually just block and delelte them and move on with my life. However, I decided to have some fun with this guy:

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  Idiot: you [beep!] die you sick pervert im killing you:

[beep!]pieces of lying [beep!],,you [beep!] die

i will[beep!] find you!

Me: Good luck with that

Idiot: sick [beep!] i can find batgirl,,,,i can find you :)

Lol, I travel and hunt people! You think you can find me! I will find you! It is my job!

Idiot:[beep!], batgirl dies. ive never seen patholigal liars like you ever before in my life you are dead people

That is what they all say Then I when I knock on their door. All they do is scream

Idiot:14405 rockside road maple heights ohio 44137, see you then

Me: Please, don't lie to me, it is

6353 Juan Tabo,

Apartement 6 [Anybody get the reference?]

Idiot: i can only hope, that this is the holy grail

Me: Hope all you want

Idiot:I want peace. and i want justice

Me:Yet you will get none

Life is awful and people die everyday.

Kinda of selfish to think that you want peace when you are in a peaceful enviroment compared to Africa

He stops talking for awhile after this and I thought we were done...I was wrong!