I Decided To Switch Things Around Pt 2!

Sep 15, 2014, 7:34 PM |

He suprised me when he replied back later on:

Idiot: You could not even possibly imagine.


I said that i want justice. What i mean is that i am going to take it; that i am going to have it..

And there is no force in this world that can stop me.

Me: Except for:


  1. A nuke
  2. The police/government
  3. Poison
  4. Random people
  5. Family
  6. A car accident
  7. An airplane crash
  8. A shipwreck
  9. Any accident imagineable
  10. Traitors
  11. Terroists
  12. starving
  13. losing you job
  14. Losingin your house
  15. losing your spouse
  16. losing your kids
  17. Death of a parent
  18. Death of a cousin
  19. Death of a govenment offical leading to a civil war
  20. Your pet dies
  21. You run out of water
  22. You run out of food
  23. heart attack
  24. Stroke
  25. Seizure
  26. Going blind
  27. Going deaf
  28. Becoming stupid (oh wait)
  29. Sleeping with a married person and (s)he gest jealous and kills you
  30. tripping and falling and dieing
  31. You realize you like your life the way it is
  32. You enjoy silence
  33. You are happy
  34. You have grandchildren and you love them
  35. You have children and you hate them
  36. You kill your children and go to jail
  37. You get raped in jail
  38. SUCIDE!
  39. A computer virus that steals all your information

You get the point

Idiot: I was born with eternety to my back. The same one that i now look forward into. A hundred thousand of those may pass. But i will still have justice here. If it takes them all.

Me: You are delusional and a danger to everyone around you

Idiot: If you say so. You are sick and wicked monsters. I have been looking at your [beep!] sick game of lies for longer than i can [beep!] stand. [beep!] like you are a disease in this [beep!] world.

Me: I'm a disease?

Ha! You are stupid enough to believe peace and justice exists!

Idiot: lol, peace and justice do exist. ,,,i [beep!] exist

Me: You are a worthless person to believe in such a thing. It is sad in fact, you will live out you life believing in a thing that doesn't exist. I guess that is what happens when stupid is combined with a delusion [I got REALLY mean here! :(//:)]

Idiot: i dont believe anything. i knowand life is already over go [beep!] yourself

Me: Ha! I don't need to! Unlike you!

Idiot: right, ill keep that in mind ,,,,,,,now go

Me: Ha! You don't even have a mind!

Idiot: well that is obviously a problem i am going to have to sort out ,,,on my own accord. so you can be on your way now

I said something back but he never replied back after that (I think it was just laughter that I sent him)

So what is the moral of the story?

  1. Don't say that I am going to die
  2. You mess with a troll, you turn into a nastier one