Well that was awkward

Dec 22, 2012, 7:26 AM |

Is what people are saying if they believed that world was going to end.

I didn't believe that it would happen but I decided to do an experiment- What would people say, would they use the bible and other facts to prove the world isn't going to end-Reshevskys_Revenge-did exactly that.

Would they bring humor into this-varelse1, Nusons- did make some jokes

Or would they write a paragraph(s) explaing how things will stay the same/reasons why people believe that the world is coming to a close-LaskerFan-did bring the facts and explaination in paragraph form.

What people didn't do is agree with me in any shape or form.

Therefore my experiment has proven 9/10 people( there is always someone who believes when  everyone else doesn't) didn't believe that the world would come to a close.

P.S. Has anyone figured out my code? Hint: They are in every post of THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!