What?! People Make No Sense!

Oct 11, 2014, 5:00 PM |

This was on Yahoo Answers. Not excatly sure I stumbled upon it, but I did:


Where can i find the book of mice and men complete text online?

if you know the website where i can have the complete text online that would be great. link please?
Best Answer: here are some online sources for ebooks:
Project Gutenberg:
there is also Bibliomania:
and Page by Page books:
Web literature
and The Online Books Page
http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/ (this gives you a list of sites where the title you want is available)
These sources mostly contain classic works which are out of their copyright phase or ones whose authors have agreed to put them online.
There is also New Free Books which contains the full text of many new and popular books that the authors have posted online:

If you are looking for bestsellers or more titles (as well as ones you can put on your ipod) the best thing to do would be to ask at your local library because many of them are now offering these titles for free with their library services. If yours currently doesn't, suggest that they do (more and more of them are doing this.)

Askers reply back:
thanks but none of them had of mice and men...which was kind of the whole point....?

Lol! Sometimes you have to wonder "Do people think!?"