The "Chess" of Phantomhive,

The "Chess" of Phantomhive,

Jan 5, 2013, 7:41 PM |

A king sits on his black throne,
His agents obeying every order
Some moving quickly,
Others moving slowly,
All seeking to topple the purity
The white king on his white throne.

Oh king, move your pawns,
Gather your allies
The weak and plenty
Invest in them, allow them to break the rules,
Eliminate your enemies one by one
And when the bodies of your pawns
Pile at your feet, continue the fight,
Struggle onward with your hatred,
Never let go of your only strength.

As your pawn, I must obey
Bound by the pact we forged
So move me to checkmate,
For I am simply one hell of a pawn.

~ Ciel and Sebastian