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Aug 8, 2008, 6:09 PM 3

Well, I reached the 100 win milestone and it only took me 230 games to get there. I feel that I must add the fact that there are 3 draws in that equation. I have come to the conclusion that I am a very average player. At times I have made some remarkable moves and other times some real bone-headed ones as well. I love to play but I love to win even more, and as long as I have the passion for it I will keep playing. None of this Brett Favre back and forth, I'm retiring, I wanna come back stuff. You know, the Green Bay Packers have been made the villians here and that is not fair, although they are a big corporation and fairness matters nothing to a big corporation. I know, but it's Brett Favre ! Yes you're right, it is Brett Favre. But the Brett Favre of today is not the Brett Favre of the 90's and and first few years of this decade. Is he still better than alot of other guys ? Why sure he is ! I would take him over Tarvaris Jackson any day. Chad Pennington, Kyle Boller, Jon Kitna, Alex Smith, even Aaron Rodgers to name a few. But you see, the Packers are a publicly traded commodity on the New York Stock Exchange, though I'm not exactly sure which one. There is not one owner like say Jerry Jones in Dallas or Al Davis in Oakland. Their front office has to report to a committee of shareholders, so they're run like a big corporation. When someone from a big corporation retires or turns in a resignation or two-weeks notice, that corporation makes plans to move on. Things are put in place, balls are set in motion for this to happen. So can you really blame the Green Bay Packers for not exactly wanting Brett Favre to come back to the team ? Can you really blame them for stipulating he battle for his job in training camp ? Hey, I love me some Brett Favre, but he's not the same fireball he was when he once was sacked by Warren Sapp and bounced right back up to get into said player's grill. And is he coming back with the same intensity that he had last year ? I think not. He's been away from football for most of the last five months. In the off-season before last year he had been spending lots of time with a strength and conditioning coach to get to where he was then. None of that was happening this time around. Not only will Favre struggle to learn a new offense in New York, but he will also struggle to shake some of the rust off. And let's give Aaron Rodgers some credit here. It's not going to be easy replacing Brett Favre. But he has shown way more class than Brett Favre has shown lately. Let's go back to last year in Dallas. Favre was awful in that game before he was taken out of the game by the Dallas defense. Aaron Rodgers came in and was brilliant in almost leading the Packers to a come from behind win in which they were down 17 in the first half. When I myself am ready to stop playing chess, you can bet that I am done for good ! Some may even say I should be done now ! Well, when it is no longer any fun to play, I'll stay away... 

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