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Jan 11, 2009, 8:13 PM 1

Three-hundred and fifty games completed in less than a year and still just over 40 being played as of now. My first car had a 350 in it. A 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. MAN I loved that car and I cherish all the memories in it as well ! I lost my you know what in that car. And now, eleven days into the new year there are just under three-hundred and fifty shopping days 'til Christmas. Plenty of time to place your orders for that ultimate chess game for the family ! This is off subject, but two of my Christmas loot turned out to be two LP's of Guns N' Roses new release "Chinese Democracy". Yes, the vinyl 33-double LP ! Awesome ! My brother got me one of them and my special someone who happens to be a bombshell blonde-haired blue-eyed American girl from Alabama got me the other. Neither, they say, coordinated the effort. Nevertheless I was thouroughly pleased with the gifts I received. But the greatest gift ever given to me is the gift of chess and the pleasure I take in playing this wonderful game. I still lose more than my share, but I still have fun. I hope everyone has as much pleasure as myself in playing here on this website...

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