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Assumed Outcome

Assumed Outcome

Nov 30, 2008, 11:29 PM 2

I may have given a game away cleaning up the futile position games, which will probably end up being more often than not in this near future. The game I had going against an opponent wasn't even my turn to move. I just happened to see that I was third on his list of games waiting for him to make his move. But in this game, I was sure to lose. If I had just waited 17 more hours for him to time- out, but no-o-o-o. I just clicked on resign and confirmed. Then it dawned on me. Check his previously decided games before mine. Surely not. And it was so. He had timed out on the two just before mine. I am literally sick to my stomach and actually considered consulting with the website staff on this matter. I thought for sure that being third on his list that he would surely get to mine in enough time to not time-out. You know ? I fancy myself a fairly intelligent person, although my chess playing may tell you all otherwise. I did beat a guy with a rating of 1728 and another at 1609 before that. But my worst loss is recorded as being at the expense of a rating of 852. But that was a time-out loss, check it. Please anyone, feel free to share with me your thoughts on this because I am on the verge of masochystically tearing myself apart mentally ! I tried retiring once before, but I was only pulling a Brett Favre at the time and soon announced that I still wanted to play after all. So giving this wonderful but forgotten pasttime isn't the answer for me. I still feel a person's ability to play chess is one of factors in the equation of anyone's character... What is that saying about assuming things ?... That's rhetorical, I don't need to see everyone's version of that saying. Ok ? Just help me out please with your thoughts on the subject. Thank you all in advance for your correspondence...   

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