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Chess ? Maybe not...

Chess ? Maybe not...

Jul 15, 2008, 6:09 PM 2

I know this isn't the forum for this subject matter. But we do have what's called the First Amendment. Thank you John Hancock. If you did not witness the Home Run Derby last night, then you missed one heck of a show put on by a Texas Ranger outfielder. Probably the most notorious event ever by a Texas Ranger aside from the two no-hitters pitched by Nolan Ryan when he was in his 40's. Or even the perfect game pitched by Kenny Rogers. This was not a game or a World Series game but it was the Home Run Derby. I've never watched the Home Run Derby ever, nor am I a big fan of any All-Star game in any sport. But last night I watched just to see Josh Hamilton. What a spectacle ! Now, if you're reading this and asking yourself, "What does this have to do with chess ?" Hey, stop reading and move on to the next blog entry because there is nothing about chess in this entry. My apologies to you  AND those who operate and make this website possible. If you don't know the story behind Josh Hamilton, don't worry, I won't get into it. Google his name, learn about this guy, watch him. He may be the best baseball player you'll ever see. Yes, better than A-Rod, better than Griffey, better than anyone you've ever seen or can name. Use his story as an inspiration for when times are tough. Because to know him or his story is to know that anything is possible. I guess you can apply that to chess.When it looks like a loss is imminent, out of nothing comes an opportunity to redeem oneself. Look, even if you're not into sports athletes and you think they're nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats with a lot of money, see him for the person he is, has become, what he was...

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